Intro to ISO 13485 Presentation Materials

Intro to ISO 13485 PowerPoint and Presentation Materials reviews ISO 13485 and the steps for implementation. Includes trainer & student guides to educate management, employees, customer or other groups on ISO 13485.
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The Introduction to ISO 13485 PowerPoint Presentation & Training Materials provides an in-depth look at the ISO 13485 standard and what is required to implement it. Use these presentation materials to educate management, employees, customer or other groups on ISO 13485.

This can be used by companies investigating ISO 13485, or to educate employees, customers and vendors as your company implements ISO 13485.

This training includes:

  • 61 slide PowerPoint Presentation covering:

    • Overview

    • The 13485 Standard

    • Importance of 13485

    • Benefits

    • Requirements

    • Process Approach

    • Details of the Standard: Sections 4 through 8

    • Summary

    • Tools for Implementation

  • A trainer's guide

  • A students’ guide to follow along and take notes

  • Quizzes on the requirements

The purpose of this training is to:

  • Provide you with the Presentation Materials and speaker notes that you need for an effective presentation on ISO 13485, what it is, and what it requires.

  • Present the basics of ISO 13485 to Management, employees, customers or vendors.

  • Deliver ISO 13485 training in a group setting, using a PowerPoint presentation

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