AS9100d - Rev C to Rev D QMS

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This instruction / checklist is intended for use in upgrading your Quality Management System for the upgrade from the AS 9100 C version to the AS 9100 D revision for Quality management systems used in the aviation, space, and defense industries. The above Quality Management Systems are compatible with each other and have common requirements.
    In the SAE Aerospace Standard AS 9100D, the requirements are described in:
  • Clause 4 Context of the organization
  • Clause 5 Leadership
  • Clause 6 Planning
  • Clause 7 Support
  • Clause 8 Operation
  • Clause 9 Performance evaluation
  • Clause 10 Improvement

    Previously in AS 9100C, the requirements were described in:
  • Clause 4 Quality management system
  • Clause 5 Management responsibility
  • Clause 6 Resource management
  • Clause 7 Product realization
  • Clause 8 Measurement, analysis and improvement

You have the 2009 Rev C version in place and now have the objective of upgrading the system to the 2016 Rev D revision. The good news is that since you are familiar with formal management systems, this initiative will be relatively straightforward. Essentially, the documentation package for the management system will contain:
  • One condensed Manual to introduce the documented information required for AS 9100 D
  • A group of procedure/system documents in your QMS with updates to reflect a document numbering system related to the new clause numbers and to incorporate the upgrades for AS 9100 D requirements,
  • A group of forms and attachments needed for the documented information and systems.

The documentation will need to be reviewed, upgraded and implemented. The first step is to assign a person responsible for the QMS, such as with a Management Representative to become familiar with the changes for the 2016 version of the AS 9100 D standard. Visit for training materials, resources and information on quality management systems requirements.
The following table with detailed instructions focuses on the areas of the documentation required for the AS 9100 D quality management system. As you undertake the task of upgrading your quality management system from the 2009 version to the 2016 version, note that the intent of the main clauses is shown in blue font, and in the 2nd left hand column of the instructions, the text in italics indicates where requirements were included in previous AS 9100 C.

Use a copy of the AS 9100 D standard along with this instruction to pinpoint for your organization the areas that need attention. You may want to make notes and add comments in the space available to the right and the left of the column for reference documentation. Use the upgrade checklist section on the right side of the table to assign the responsibility for the upgrade and to follow up on its completion.