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Karen Friedman

Chief Improvement Officer, K Friedman Consulting

Karen Friedman (Her Consulting), provides specialized regulatory affairs guidance for drug products, natural health products, foods and cosmetics intended for the Canadian market. Services include product and label compliance management, quality assurance leadership, and supply chain management.

K Friedman consulting has helped Canadian and international companies of all sizes successfully steer through the regulatory mazes that govern the sale of health products in Canada, enabling clients to get their products into Canadian without delay. Typical clients include raw material and finished product manufacturers, packagers and labellers of consumer health products and dietary supplements, Canadian importers and non-Canadian suppliers to Canada of dietary supplements and natural health products, third party logistic groups and distributors.

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Exporting your Dietary Supplements to Canada

Detailed overview of product license applications required for sale of dietary supplement products in Canada. For dietary supplements the requirements list set out by the Natural Health Product Directorate of Health Canada must be followed to a 't'. Any incomplete applications will be refused.

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Facing the challenges of Canadian Consumer Health Product Registration

An introductory overview will begin the webinar providing tools for clarifying the different types of consumer health products available and regulated in Canada, including drugs, cosmetics, natural health products and health foods. This introduction will include a brief discussion on the acceptable package claims for each type of product, and permissible label statements.

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Canadian Establishment Licenses: Drugs and Dietary Supplement Facilities

Overview of the different licenses for sites involved with exporting, importing and manufacturing of drugs, natural health products and medical marijuana to be provided. Specific focus will be on which information is required for the various types of facility licenses, for both Canadian and non-Canadian buildings involved in the pharmaceutical product supply chain. Sourcing of active pharmaceutical ingredient sources (API) must now be covered in some types of licensing, details will be provided on API requirements with examples using Health Canada’s required application forms.

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